Stella da Lodi is my Italian Renaissance persona in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). I am still working on exactly what the details of my persona are, but you can see the story so far on my persona page

A large part of the appeal of the SCA for me is Arts and Sciences (A&S) activities. My purpose for this web site is to have a place to store records of my A&S activities and related research. By putting these records on the web, I hope that I will be able to find them myself more easily (!), and that other people can learn from my mistakes or make use of my findings.   A&S-related things I've stumbled across that might be of interest to my husband, Camillo da Milano, are also stored on this site. 

As one would expect, I'm also very interested in history. After deciding to portray an Italian, I realized how little I know about Italian history! So I'm attempting to solve that problem in the process of developing my persona. This is also generating more A&S pursuits. :) So far my historical research has generated an interest in maiolica and printmaking, which I intend to look into more closely once I get the garb situation under control.  I'm also interested in Asian history and art, as well as the history of medicine, jewelry, and things having to do with stars. 

And perhaps the most important information about my SCA adventures: I am a proud member of the Kingdom of Atlantia, the Barony of the Sacred Stone, and the Canton of Middlegate.