Alas, I can't wear jeans and t-shirts to SCA events, so I have to figure out what kind of clothes I should be wearing to the Middle Ages!  Before I joined the SCA, my sewing experience consisted of helping my mom cut out patterns and an ill-fated adventure during which my grandmother tried to teach me how to sew quilt squares together. (Nothing terrible happened, I just learned that I was terrified of getting my little fingers near the sewing machine needle.) Now I find that it would be in my best interest to get over my fear of sewing machines.

My persona is late 15th century Italian, and unfortunately the dresses worn during that time and place aren't the simplest things to sew in the world, so I'm working my way up to them.  But I've found lots of interesting information about what Italian women wore.  I'm definitely not lacking for inspiration. 

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