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Italian Ren 2

This one is constructed exactly the same as Italian Ren 1 except that the sleeves are different.  And the fabrics are vastly different, too!

I wanted to try the "split sleeves" as shown in de Predis' "Girl with Cherries."  I used some really cool goldenrod-colored satin for the lining, and I want it to be as visible as possible around the edges of the sleeves. 

Here are the sleeves in process. Trying to figure out what order to sew the ribbons and then the lining is making my brain ache. :-/  I think I have the trim and ribbons figured out at this point, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to sew the lining on last time. 

I started working on a coazzone to match this dress, but it was not working out as well as I expected. I need to look at it again to see if it can be salvaged.