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Italian Ren 3

So I have a lot of green "velvet." Enough to make a complete dress, I think. Nope, it's going to be purple.

I want to do something different with the sleeves this time. For one thing, they're going to be buttoned in rather than tied in so that I can take them off easily for archery and not be left with ribbons flapping from my shoulders, just asking to get tangled in my bowstring.

I think I want to make the big loose sleeves so that the lining will be visible. I got some really cool lining for Italian Ren 2, and you can barely see it. :-/  I think the lining will be a warm medium gray.

I want to put gems other than pearls on a dress, so I'm thinking about either garnets or amethysts on this one. I like purple better than red hands down, any day - but the variety of suitable garnet shapes is better.

Durer's Portrait of a Venetian has a necklace that I think will go well with this gown.

I think the Portrait of Dona Isabel de Requesens, Vice-Queen of Naples is a good starting point.

I also like her hat!  And whatever it is that she's using to hold the tops of the sleeves together looks like a good opportunity to add some gemstones. My original plan was to add a ribbon of the gray lining from wrist to elbow on the top of the sleeve and put gems on that. But, hmm ...

This means that I will need to make a real camicia with blackworked sleeves, though. Ugh. For some reason I don't find the idea of making a camicia remotely interesting.  I adore blackwork, but well, not that much! And if I did that much blackwork, I would certainly not be throwing it in the washing machine. (I don't wash things by hand. Nope. It's washing machine or dry cleaner all the way!)  I think I'm going to cheat on that part. I have a plan ...