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My persona is from Lombardy, so I thought it would be reasonable to figure out what people wore in Lombardy during the late Renaissance, where the major city is Milan. 

I am also interested in what the ancient Lombards might have worn, so if you have any information about that, please let me know! 

Online Resources for Renaissance Clothing in Milan and Lombardy

  • Lombardian Fashion on the Anea Files
    • Her site is wonderful and has images of portraits from each area of Italy during the Renaissance all in one place! 
  • The Milanese Tailor's Handbook at
    • The site has information about the book, Il Libro del Sarto, and reproductions of the clothing images
Milanese Long Ponytail Things (Coazzone)
"Coazzone: A broad plait or roll of hair, often decorated with ribbon or braiding, which hangs down the back. It is sometimes worn with a trinzale."1
"Trinzale: A piece of fine cloth covering the hair which, in the case of Bianca Maria Sforza, covers both the back of her head and the long roll of hair (coazzone) hanging down her back, tied with ribbons and pearls."2

Barbara Pallavicino 1510s Bianca Maria Sforza 1472-1510   Bianca Maria Sforza 1493   Beatrice D'Este 1495  

1 Herald, Jacqueline. Renaissance Dress in Italy 1400-1500. London: Bell & Hyman, 1981, p215.
2 ibid, pp228-9.

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