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Arts & Sciences

I'm in various stages of artistic and scientific pursuits.  

Here's a list of topics I hope to find time to research, but don't have anything worth noting yet:
  • Woodcuts for printmaking
    • I have two books and some period images I'd like to replicate, but I have never done this before!
    • I'm especially interested in playing cards that were printed as woodcuts
    • I want to start with European woodcuts, but I'm interested in Japanese woodcuts as well
  • Maiolica
    • This is a brand-new interest. I'm hoping to paint pre-made pottery, because I know I don't like making pottery. 
  • Chinese cut-paper designs
    • I don't even know what the proper name for this art is, but I love the designs.  I hope it turns out to be a pre-1600 art form ...
I'm going to stash information about topics that my dear husband is interested in on this site as well until he decides if he wants his own web site or not. ^_^ 
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