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When I joined the SCA, I assumed that embroidery would be one of my primary activities, since I do enjoy cross-stitching. Then I learned that cross-stitching as we know it today wasn't very common - if it existed at all - before 1600.  Well, OK then.  

I still have a fascination with repeating patterns and a need to decorate garb, so I'm still maintaining an interest in embroidery, just with different goals. 

Online Resources
  • Dye Equivalents to DMC Floss on Regia Anglorum
    • (It was noted on the SCA Garb email list that the columns appear to be labeled backward - DMC uses 3 digits.)
  • English Embroidered Bookbindings by Cyril Davenport on
  • Flowers of the Needle
    • Information and patterns for German and Italian embroidery by  Baroness Kathryn Goodwyn, OL
    • It's quite wonderful & full of information!
  • A Stitch Out of Time on
    • Mostly German embroidery - with instructions! I'm looking forward to trying these out - this is the first place I've seen instructions for "long-arm cross-stitch" that made sense to me.