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Reminder for myself: Based on the new baronial scroll texts, I particularly need I, K, L, M, P, T, and U.
  • Austrian antiphonal initials 1425-50
    • These initials are jaw-droppingly awesome! It makes me sigh happily just to look at them. ^_^
    • Initial letters A, A, A, B, B, BCD, D, D, DE, E, E, EF, F, F, GH, HI, IL, L, LM, M, MO, O, O, OP, P, PRS, S, S, ST, TV, V, V, V,  (the V looks like a U) 
    • The accompanying colorful vine-work is also exquisite.
  • Gospel, late 9th c. Uh, modern-day Switzerland