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100 Years War

The Theme for Drums of War 2012 is the 100 Years War, so I'm looking for inspiring illuminations to bring to the war!  My understanding is that entries in the scroll blank competition should be either English or French style from the period, so I'm looking for English & French illuminations from around 1350 to 1412. (The actual setting of the event is 1412, so no time-travelling scrolls!) 

The event says that attendees have to choose a side, and I still haven't 100% decided which side I'm going to be on.  I read the Wikipedia entry for the War, and the whole thing sounds like a hot mess! (Makes me feel grateful for modern democratic succession practices, the election of 2004 notwithstanding ...) 

I'm going to put illuminations from each side on a separate page so I can easily compare the two side-by-side in different browser windows. 
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