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It was a lot easier for me to find English illuminations from the 14th century, for some reason. Maybe it's just because I'm searching English sources, but I wonder ... Guess I should investigate what they have at the Louvre. 

No luck at the Louvre.

But the British Museum has a good deal of info about French illuminated manuscripts, ironically! 

I'm starting to think that the 14th century French were way too busy dealing with the 100 Years War to make very many manuscripts. Well, to be more accurate, I have found some, but they were either too complicated for me to take on as a new scribe or they just didn't inspire me. 

I also discovered the Gallica, bibliothèque numérique and the Bibliotheque de Toulouse, which have illuminated manuscripts online.

Harley 929
c. 1400
Capital N 
Toulouse Public Library, Ms. 511 (Chronique de Jean Froissart)
The Biblioteque de Toulouse says it was created by Jean Froissart who lived from 1337-1410. 
From what I can gather, it's actually about the 100 Years War! 
Unfortunately the library entry doesn't say who created the illumination, so that makes the dates unreliable. Also Froissart was born in France, but worked in the court of Edward III of England. So more research is needed before I declare this one within the time & place I need - which is a shame because I really like it!