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This is the first year I really began producing scrolls.  My husband and I also started hosting scribe nights.

I have worked with paint before, and I've done a fair amount of graphic design on computers.  The paint I used previously was regular watercolor, and I found that thankfully gouache suits me better!

I've listed the 2012 batch of scrolls below.  They're in the order I created them, I think. Click on the images to see larger versions, and click on the names of the scrolls for more detail about them and in-progress images.

 Notre Dame 65

This is my first completed scroll blank!  I took it to Drums of War V.

 Plimpton 252

Page from the Polychronicon. I think this became an Order of the Sacred Stone scroll. I particularly love this design, and I can easily see myself re-creating it again.

 Lewis E 181

This one was an award for the Squire's Tourney at WoWVII.  The general outline came from the Lewis E 181 manuscript, and I added the knights & squires belt.  I chose this particular manuscript's design for the squires because it is less floral and more geometric.

 Custom Phoenix Eye

I made this one from scratch (with the exception of the Phoenix Eye emblem - I traced that!) for a friend who is a brilliant knitter and has two cats. ^_^

 Black Hours for Rome Use

This one was a challenge, but I think it turned out well. My sweet husband did the calligraphy.  It was awarded to the victor of the Torchlight Tourney at WoW VII.