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Custom Phoenix Eye

This is a custom-designed scroll I made for a friend. ^_^  I didn't have any particular period example in mind, but I have looked at a lot of illuminated manuscripts by now, and I hope this one looks somewhat plausible as a medieval design for someone who likes knitting and has two cats. 

Since I don't do calligraphy, I set the verbiage for the scroll in Microsoft Word.  I balanced the arrangement of the text as best I could while making sure there was plenty of room left for drawing in the margins, then printed it.  With a pencil, I drew the top and left borders  and the kitty over on the top right.  Then I inked all the outlines so I can trace it onto multi-media paper using a lightbox.

I used some graph paper to draw the knit stitches that surround the letter N.  I figured this was a good way to make sure the lines are all even.  I put the grid paper down on the lightbox and traced it onto the multi-media paper.  I also sized a Phoenix Eye image to fit in the circle and traced it onto the multi-media paper along with everything else.
The text for the name of the recipient, the award, and the event are in a color other than black at the request of the Baroness. ^_^ (I recall she said something like "can you guys start writing the person's name in red so it stands out?" but I obviously did something different. :P )

Then it was finally painting time.  The painting was the quickest and easiest part on this one - I spent way more time drawing everything and fussing with the text layout.  I took this picture before it was completely finished - it did get touched up a little before it went out the door. 
My friend's heraldic colors are blue and white/silver.  The barony's colors are green and white/silver. So I didn't have to make too many color decisions. ;)  The cats are painted to look like Dreux's actual kitties. ^_^

The date is blank because we weren't sure what day and time this scroll would be awarded in court when I was still at the tracing stage.  I'll fill it in later. :)