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Lewis E 181

This is from a mid-13th century Flemish psalter cataloged as Lewis E 181. 

I redesigned the initial a lot - in fact, it's not even an inital any more. (It was a D in the original.) 

This will be the award scroll for the Squire Tourney at War of the Wings VII.

The outline before I began painting

So this morning I spilled soda on the scroll blank above. >.< The real irony is that if I had carefully blotted it rather than wiping it as one usually does with spills, it probably would've been OK because most of the ink did stay in place.  Another lesson learned. :-/ 

So I started the day's scribing re-tracing the entire blank.  Here's the second version with the gold colored in. It's going to be a very shiny scroll! (I cropped the image, it really has wider margins than it appears to have in this image.)

The scroll is a lot more colorful as of 6/23/12:
(You can click on the image and it will open a larger version of the file.)

On 7/28/12 everything is finished except the whitework.
(Click on the image for a larger version.)

Finished on 8/4/12.