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Plimpton 252

This is manuscript Plimpton 252 held at Columbia University.  It's a page from a copy of the Polychronicon.  (Which was a nice change - usually it seems like I find psalters, books of hours, or hymnals!) It was produced in England between 1385-99.

I intended for this one to be finished by Drums of War 2012 so that I could enter it in the 100 Years War-themed scribal competition, but that did not happen.  :-/  I actually finished it in May 2012.  I love the leaf motif at the bottom, and I think I might try to make a full frame out of just that section some other time. 

Here's a shot of the complete scroll, images of some of the details follow. 
Plimpton 252 border, complete

Detail of the letter P.

Detail of the bottom border

The scroll will be given to the Barony of the Sacred Stone, where it will become a Phoenix Eye scroll for someone, I think!