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Curiosities in Italian History

  • The Discovery of a Roman Girl in the Fifteenth Century
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    • What an odd story! I'm sure I'll want to look it up again, so I'm stashing it here. Basically, 15th century Italians uncovered a perfectly preserved Roman corpse.

Women in Italy

  • Women in Italy 1350-1650: Ideals and Realities by Mary Rogers and Paola Tinagli (ISBN 0719072093)
    • This is a delightful book! I definitely want my own copy. 
    • Primary source - the excerpts from period sources are well edited and contextualized - and fascinating! 
  • Women in Italian Renaissance Art: Gender, Representation, and Identity by Paola Tinagli (ISBN 071904054X)
    • I want to get my hands on this book next ...

Italian Timeline

This chart is intended to help my husband and I keep track of what was going on in Italy and other areas we may want to consider as we plan our personae - that's why it may appear to reference some random things and leave out others that may be important in a different context.

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