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So, I've decided that I want to learn Italian.  I learned Latin in high school & college, and took a year of college level Japanese.  I'm hoping that Italian will be easier than Japanese! One day I'm going to get back to Japanese, but today, it's all about Italian!

I'm going to give Rocket Language's Italian course a try.  Once I learn enough to say basic things, I'll revisit Lang 8 (which I experimented with during the Japanese days) and try talking to people in Italian. (I could get lucky and find someone who's a specialist in the history of Lombardy - that would rule! :P )

I'm also on the lookout for children's or young adult books written in Italian.  I'm a ways off being able to read one yet, though! 

And TV shows.  I want to find Italian TV shows that I can watch and listen to and hopefully comprehend an increasing number of words in them.  The Italian version of the History Channel would be ideal, but I think I can justify watching dramas, too. ;) 

Italian TV
    This looks fabulous - I'll have to experiment and see how much content I can actually access since I'm not a UK taxpayer. 
Rai Storia (This might be the Italian History Channel.)

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