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Please remember, my language pages are posted for my reference and may very well be dead wrong. I'm trying to be correct, but I certainly can't guarantee it. 

a - at, to, in
con - with
d' - of, from (possession, place of origin)
da - from, by
di - of, from (possession, place of origin)
fra - between
in - in
per - for
su - on
tra - between

Prepositional Articles
(at, to, in)   
(from, by)
(of, from)
 gli agli dagli degli negli sugli
 i ai             dai dei nei sui
 il     al dal del nel sul
 l' all' dall' dell' nell' sull'
 la alla dalla della nella sulla
 le alle dalle delle nelle sulle
 lo allo dallo dello nello sullo